Basic information : content and structure associated with primary sections of a thesis work

Basic information : content and structure associated with primary sections of a thesis work

Requirements for the content of a thesis

The typical needs for the information of graduate qualification (graduate) work of a graduate student ought to be the following: relevance; research character; practical importance; clear framework, completeness; logical, consistent presentation associated with product; validity of conclusions and proposals. The title associated with topic associated with the final qualifying work (diploma work) should strictly correspond to its plan and content. Specific attention must certanly be paid towards the wording of chapters, paragraphs associated with qualifying that is final (thesis): it really is of fundamental value to see or watch the subordination of this general theme regarding the work, the names of chapters and paragraphs.

The names of paragraphs should really be formulated in order not to ever go beyond the boundaries outlined by the true title for the chapter that unites them. Exactly the same can be mentioned in regards to the title of this chapters in terms of the theme of most work. Thus, the subject ought to be wider compared to true names of specific chapters, nevertheless the title of this chapter, broader compared to the names of every of this paragraphs so it contains. The overall content associated with main component should correspond to your research topic and facilitate its disclosure. The presentation should be built in a way so it appears reasoned, the judgments submitted are weighted, the logical foundation is thought-out.

Structure of a thesis work

Diploma work is an independent scientific work that is creative of pupil. Regardless of selected topic, it must consist of:


Chapter 1. Theoretical and methodological basis for learning the situation.

Chapter 2. Characteristics and analysis associated with the item of research.

Chapter 3. Solving the problem that is practical analyzing the outcomes, developing suggestions.

The final outcome.



In each chapter there ought to be paragraphs that are 2-3. The amount of the thesis should be at the very least 80 rather than significantly more than 90 pages of text. The menu of sources and applications utilized is outside of the range with this volume.

Introduction. This basic part of the thesis, which offers the main styles into the research and growth of the difficulty, analyzes its current state, substantiates the theoretical and practical relevance regarding the problem, formulates the goal and objectives associated with project, offers a short description of this research item, the first financial and statistical foundation and other information used in task. Volume of introduction: 3-5 pages of text.

Needs for the introduction of the thesis

The information will include:

  • – the relevance for the study, that will be decided by several factors: the necessity to complement the theoretical constructs associated with the event being examined; the necessity for technology in brand new empirical information plus in enhancing the techniques used or particular management technologies for particular activities;
  • – their education of development of this issue shows the amount of study of this stated problems in the literature that is scientific plus the way of scientific research in the framework associated with subject.
  • – the goal of the analysis may be the desired final result for the study. The objectives regarding the work is diverse (this is associated with traits of phenomena which have perhaps not been studied before, contradictorily examined, the recognition of this relationship of phenomena, the study associated with characteristics associated with the sensation, generalization, the identification of basic patterns, the creation of classification, typology; adaptation of available technologies with their use within solving new problems);
  • – the study task could be the range of means and means of attaining the objective according to the theory place forward;
  • – the thing of research could be the state, the whole world economy as a whole, or perhaps a split as a type of worldwide cooperation;
  • – the topic of scientific studies are constantly specific properties associated with object, their correlation, the dependence associated with item together with properties on any conditions. The traits associated with item are measured, defined, categorized. The main topic of the research could be phenomena generally speaking, their specific aspects and relations between individual events and the whole;
  • – the methodology of the research is a description of a set of research practices used in the task for the development of the topic of research, the success of its purpose while the solution associated with the tasks assigned.
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